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    Monday, February 14th, 2005
    10:50 pm
    Valentines Surprise
    So I had to work tonight. Funny how the two people with a boyfriend or girlfriend are the ones who have to close at Suncoast. So before I leave, I tell Chris to make me dinner; as a pre-Valentines (we're officially celebrating tomorrow) type present. So he said he would, and I went off to work, wondering what he was going to make me. Four and a half grueling hours later, I almost die on the parkway coming home. I called Chris, to tell him of this and see if he would tell me what he made for dinner.

    He answers, and was like, "dinner? oh yeah... I dunno... what do you want?"

    I was sad. I said, "whatever you want, love. Just make it something special." and we hung up.

    After almost dying again on the parkway, I get to his house. I'm all upset over the bad weather, and just want to shower and cry. I open his house door, and loud classical music clouds my ears.

    "man, his mom has the TV loud." I think to myself as I lock the door.

    Then, as I walk in, I notice candle light coming from the dining room. I peer in, to find a vase full of fresh flowers, a teddy bear with balloons, and a dinner set all set up for two with a single candle burning. Chris appears, smiling and worried.

    My eyes welled up. He surprised me. It's a big thing; we always ruin each others surprises. We either tell the other; or we guess it.

    He surprised me. And made me chicken, pasta, and biscuits.

    I have the best boyfriend ever.

    I love him so much.


    Current Mood: giddy